A BAC Octoberfest Scratch Performance Commission, 2004.


Part disturbing romance, part satire on the marketing pretentions of the arts world, Sleeper explores the triangular relationship between a famous reclusive sculptor, his estranged daughter and her boyfriend, an struggling art critic determined to secure a career-making interview – no matter what the cost.

The wall of a railway sleeper compartment falls away to reveal cliff edges, beaches and the mysterious recesses of an artist’s studio. As images shimmer in and out of view, distinguishing between truth and lies, right and wrong becomes more and more difficult.

Sleeper was shown to the public at an early stage in Octoberfest 2004. The show is currently on hold, although Wishbone have plans to develop it further in the future in collaboration with a visual artist.

If you are a sculptor, painter or video installation-maker, and you would like to work with Wishbone on this show, please contact us.