Guest cyclists for Mountain High Valley Low


We have a vision for the full-length version of our current show Mountain High Valley Low, and we need your participation to make it come true.

Although this is the story one individual’s struggle with managing her bipolar disorder, her redemption comes in part through feeling she belongs to a community. So, in the final scene, we’d like to fill the stage with bicycles – ridden by you. We’ll supply the bikes on stands, so it’ll be a bit like taking part in a spin class, except with applause.

You may like to use this as an opportunity to raise money for your favourite cause, just as you might if you were running a marathon or riding on a long distance cycling sportive yourself. You may even like to get your own team together to ride with you.

If you’re interested in taking part as a Guest Cyclist, and you’d like to know more details, please get in touch.