who are wishbone?


Wishbone was co-founded in 2001 by theatre-makers Karen Glossop and Paul Murray. In recognition of the public benefit of their work, Wishbone was awarded charitable status in December 2016.

Both Karen and Paul started out their careers as performers, touring the UK with companies such as Theatre Centre and Lightwork. Paul trained in physical theatre with Marcel Marceau, Pierre Byland and Ella Jarosowicz, while Karen underwent a more traditional British drama school training at Mountview. They met in 1999 at camden people’s theatre (cpt), where the resident company specialised in devised work – theatre generated by the performers themselves rather than from written play scripts.

Paul and Karen’s first collaboration was In Cahoots, a comedy show. Through devising and performing together, they discovered a joint interest in the theatrical power of images, space and sound. Although neither of them had trained as designers, their commitment to experimenting with these elements led them to found Wishbone. Their first show Scapegoat won a Total Theatre Award for Creative Ambition at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. It went on to play at the London International Mime Festival, toured the UK and Europe. See shows for more.


Registered charity no. 5076953.

Trustees: Juliet Prague, Gemma Dempsey, Mark Rodbert.